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Hi. this is my first time to post a TARGET, and I hope that it is successful
In January I am teaching a class on the writings of Madeleine L'Engle. This
will be taught at my church and I plan to approach the theological aspects of
Dr. L'Engle's writings. I have been an admirer of her writing and of her for
a long time, and I have collected materials for some years. I am a high
school library media specialist, but I used to work in elementary
librai\ries. I am also a former high school English teacher, and I have
introduced Dr. L'Engle to my students. However, in a public school the
thological slant is not emphasized. Now, as I prepare to teach the class (I
taught one in 1990), I would like comments and questions, just a general
response to any writings that the LM_NETTERS are familiar with. I am also
introducing Luci Shaw's poetry to the class. She isa fabulous writer herself,
a good friend of Dr. L'Engle and the widow of her publisher. Please give me
your opions, comments, and individual reactions to anything that you have
read by or about Dr.L'Engle. You may decide that you want to give me a
stlrictly school oriented point of view and that is fine. I look forward to
hearing from any and all of you. Thank you in advance and have a wonderful

Sonya Boyd
W. H. Shaw High School
Columbus, GA.
(706) 569-2567
FAX (706) 569-2563

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