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The video is not called Hatchet.  It's called "A Cry in the ***" and I'm
not sure what the *** word is but it is either Wild or Dark.  One is the
movie of Hatchet and the other is the movie about the abduction of a
baby by dingos in the desert of Australia.  Sor to not have all the

Judy Naylor

Robin Aurelius (raureli@CELLO.GINA.CALSTATE.EDU) wrote:
: check OCLC First Search. They catalog all videos, and are up-to-date. The
: search will also tell you who has it in their collection. Then check
: Books in Print Plus for the address of the publisher.
: Regards
: Robin Aurelius
: Library TechnicianJFK High School
: Sacramento, CA

: F

: On Tue, 12 Dec 1995, Judi Stott wrote:

: > Does anyone know the ordering information, including the name of the
: > videotape of the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. We are looking for a live
: > action video.
: > TIA
: > Judi Stott and Sheila Kirven
: > Shaker Junior High School
: > Latham NY
: >

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