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On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, Bonnie Fulmer wrote:
>      I just finished Diana Gabaldon's trilogy of historical
> fiction about the romance of Jamie and Claire: _Outlander_,
> _Dragonfly in Amber_, and _Voyager_, recommended by an
> LM-Netter last summer.  (THANK YOU, whoever you are!)
You're quite welcome.

[snip] - very good synopsis, by the way.

>      While I'm waiting for the next volume (there MUST be one in
> the works),
Yes, volume 4 is in the works. Actually, she's still writing it.
_Voyager_ ended with the cast shipwrecked in North Carolina Colony around
1765ish. Vol. 4's working title is _Drums of Autumn_. No estimate yet on
when it will be out. I keep sending her messages (thru my husband on
CompuServe) to stop everything else and WRITE THE DURN BOOK, but I'm not
sure he actually tells her that <-g->. I've seen bit's and pieces, one
was a wonderful scene with Claire in an outhouse that was also occupied
by a rattlesnake, and can't wait for the whole thing. My imagination
works overtime whenever I ponder upon that group of characters in the
colonies at that particular time...

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