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Well, I finally found my list!  I typed it hurriedly in the summer when
everyone was sending suggestions, so I may have some of them wrong.
Also, a few of the titles (Buffalo Commons, Farewell to a River, etc.)
came from elsewhere, but they are on my list, so ....

(If I butchered any of your favorites, please post a correction. Also, I
was not able to find all of the titles in the book store where I shopped.)


Alvarez, Julia - In the Time of the Butterflies
                 How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

Bryson, Bill - Lost Continenet (non-fiction)

Buffalo Commons - about giving the plains back to the buffalo
               (Recommended by someone not on LM_NET)

Card - Ender's Game
       Speaker for the Dead

Cornwell, Patricia

DeLint, Charles  -  Fantasy:
     Dreams Underfoot
     The Fair at Emain Macha
     Into the Green
     The Little Country
     Memory and Dream

Discipline for the 21st Century (Not sure where this one came

Doerr, Harriet - Stones for Ibarra

Dunnet, Dorothy -historical sagas (late 15th century man-about-
     Europe: (2)
     Game of Kings
     Queen's Play
     Pawn in Frankincense
     The King Hereafter (about MacBeth

Shields, Carol - The Stone Diaries (2)

Edgerton, Clyde - Walking Across Egypt (2)
                & In Memory of Junior

Faaber, Adele and Elaine Mazlish - How to Talk so Kids Will
          Listen and Listen So Kids will Talk (effective
          parenting program)

Francis, Claire - Wolf Winter (espionage)

Gabaldon, Diana - Outlander (2)
                  Voyager (2)
                  Dragonfly in Amber (2)
        (being written now:  Drums of Autumn
        (Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Historical - All of the above)
        They MUST be read in this order!

George, Elizabeth - mysteries

Gibbons, Kaye - Charms for an Easy Life

Goldsmith, Olivia - First Wives' Club

Goodrum, Charles - Dewey Decimated (Book theft in large private
                    library in Washington D. C.
                   The Best Cellar (hidden treasure & historic

Gossen, Diane Chelson -  Restitution   (MY list -- not sure where
                                        it came from!)
               New View Publications
               P. O. Box 3021
               Chapel Hill, NC 27515 3021

Graves, John -  Goodby to a River by John Graves (about the
                Brazos River) Texas History

Hammil -- includes libraries

Harrison, Sue -- prehistoric titles

Hegi, Ursula - Stones from the River

Hillerman, Tony - anything!

Jance, J. A. (Detective books):
     Shoot, Don't Shoot
     Until Proven Guilty plus others
     Hour of the Hunter

Jones, Douglas - Historical Fiction

Kahn, David - The Codebreakers (everything by Kahn)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Alex Delaware books:
     When the Bough Breaks
     Blood Test
     Bad Love

King, Paul - The Voyagers
             The Discoverers
             The Dreamers

Kingsolver, Barbara:  Animal Dreams
                      The Bean Trees
                      Pigs in Heaven

Koontz, Dean - Rainmaker and Icebound (Isn't Rainmaker a Grisham

Kress, Nancy - Beggars in Spain (sci fi)

Least Heat Moon, Wm. - Blue Highways (non-fiction)

Lee, James Burke (mysteries)

Lee, Gus - China Boy  and sequel Honor and Duty

Leo, the Late Bloomer

Lowry, Lois - The Giver

MacDonald, Walter -  Counting Survivors (poetry)

McAfferty - The Rowan, Damia, Damia's Children (Sci Fi)

Midnight in the garden of good and evil, The true story of

Negroponte, Nicholas - Being Digital

Nelson, Jane -  Positive Discipline

Norman, Donald - The Psychology of Everyday Things (non-fiction)

Patterson, Richard North -  Eyes of a Child

Penman, Sharon Kay - 13th century England in fiction

Perry, Anne - mysteries

Proulx, Annie - The Shipping News

Readiness for What?

Rehnquist, Wm. - The Supreme Court: How it Was; ... (non-fiction)

Sharpe, Tom - Anything!  (bawdy, British humor)

Shields, Carol Warner: Swann

Siddons, Anne Rivers - Colony
                       Peachtree Street

Skom, Edith - The Mark Twain Murders (large-scale book theft &

Takei, George - To the Stars (sci fi)

Teen Killers  (True crime stories, I think)

Tey, Josephine - The Daughter of Time (Richard III)

Thompson, C. - Black for Remembrance (mystery)

Whitfield, Paul -  Calaban in Blue (poetry)

Willard, Nancy - Sister Water

Wood, Barbary - Golden Urchin (all books by Wood)

Wood, Stuart

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