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Break is a great time to catch up on reading.  Unfortunately, my
kids had something different in mind.  What I wanted to read and
what they wanted read to them were different.  A Wrinkle in Time
was a hit so now it's on to A Wind in the Door.  The Time Warp
Trio books are fun and well written and, of course, The Phantom
Toll Booth was great fun.  Can you tell we have a warped sense of
humor?  We reread Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen and my sides still
hurt from laughing.  That one has several swear words as Harris
is "experimenting" with swearing, but I recommend it to all the
high school kids who "hate to read."  Now for a question!
Those of you who have read Harris and Me and liked it, please
send me the titles and authors of any books you consider as
funny and as fun.  Kids come back and ask for "more like it" and
I haven't found any.  I know that Harris and Me is an "all ages book."
My 70+ parents loved it and my 8 and 10-yr-olds loved it, plus all
those I've given it to in the age group in-between.  If you haven't
read it, treat yourself.  If you have and you can help me with more
titles, I'd be most grateful!

Carolyn R. Roys
Media Specialist
J. D. Darnall Senior High School
700 N. State Street
Geneseo, Il 61254
Phone# and Fax# into library (309) 944-2699
School Phone# (309) 944-4674
E-mail: croys@libby.rbls.lib.il.us

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