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  I saw this on the K12.teacehr newsgroup (oops thats teacher). I have
gotten permission from Peter Milbury to repost to this list. I have also
called the local town hall in Waynesboro to verify it is a true story. I'm
posting the original request, as well as the response I rec'd when I asked about
the library. I hope some people out there can help these teachers, students, and 
> Here is the message as was posted in a newsgroup:
>               On Sunday, Dec. 10, 1995, juvenile arsonists destroyed
> Shenandoah Heights Elementary School in the small community of
> Waynesboro, Virginia.
>         1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers lost *everything* in
> the fire, and they are desperately in need of books, posters,
> units--everything they'd collected in their years of teaching.
>         If you could help by sending one book appropriate for
> these grades, a poster or unit--or *anything* you know that
> they'll need to try to start over, it would mean so much.
>         Donated items may be sent to:
>                 Shenandoah Heights
>                 c/o Wayne Hills Elementary
>                 937 Fir St.
>                 Waynesboro, VA 22980
>         Thank you for allowing me to use this network to appeal
> for help for these teachers--as fellow teachers, I'm sure you
> can understand how devastating this has been for the staff and
> faculty (and students) at Shenandoah Heights.
> ---
> Sharon Barrett Kennedy
> Greer Elementary School
> 2055 Lambs Rd.
> Charlottesville, VA 22901
> 804-973-8371

I asked Sharon about the status of the library...here's her reply...
>       Dear Suzanne--
>         I think that the library was also destroyed, but I
> don't know for sure.  My contact with Shenandoah Heights is a
> teacher at Greer whose daughter attended the school that was
> burned.  I'll check with her in the next couple of days and get
> back with you, but I know that one of their most urgent
> requests was for hard-cover books, so odds are, the library was
> destroyed along with everything else.
>         Thanks so much for your offer to help--I'm passing
> along all messages that I receive to the teachers there, and I
> think it's helped them to know that caring people are thinking
> about them and offering to help!
> --
> Sharon Barrett Kennedy

I checked with the local police and they confirmed, that YES, the library
was destroyed. The school serves about 300 students grades 1-3.

Suzanne Weinheimer, LMS, S Mountain School, S Orange NJ
email: suewho321@delphi.com

NOTE: The opinions expressed are my own

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