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Thoughts on the movie adaptations of Jumanji and Balto:  I
found Jumanji to be exciting and a rich embellishment upon the
original book.  My seven year old son was positively riveted by
it.  As for Balto, it was entertaining, but it would be a real
shame if children did not hear or read for themsevles the very
excellent book The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto
because the true story is nothing like the movie version!

From the previews I see that movies of James and the Giant Peach and
Matilda are also forthcoming.  I feel I must get these books
into the hands of teachers and students and read to my own
child before the movies hit the screen!  I made my library
display at one of my schools for January "Read the Movie"
w/books that have been made into movies, popcorn bags, Milk Dud
boxes, ticket stubs, etc. as one LM_Net member suggested
(whoever it was, thanks!).  I had more books than display room!

One more thing about Balto--NPR's All Things Considered did a
piece on him and the rest of his team last week.  Seems they
wound up in a warm climate in some sort of exhibition...school
children saved their pennies (literally) and provided for them
to be moved to spacious and comfortable accomodations in a zoo
to live out their lives.

I would be interested to know others'thoughts about these 2

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