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Speaking of reading ... if you are a history buff, a *different*
type of war book (true) is  _An Artist at War: The Journal of
John Gaitha Browning_ (Oleta Toliver, ed., University of North
Texas Press, 1994, ISBN 929398769).  The book is a *journal* so
it could be used as a primary source for your students.

I found the book particularly interesting because it was written from a
*soldier's* point of view -- not some battle strategist's or historian's
interpretation of events.  Quite a few letters home are included as well
as his sketches (and maps included by the ed).  Apparently, Browning is
quite well known as a Southwest artist -- I'll have to look for his

Also interesting is the fact that in hindsight, the *reader*
knows of the battles from New Guinea up the Solomon Islands to
the Philippines and Corregidor. At the time Browning was writing
in his journal, however, he did not know what lay ahead. Because
I (undergrad history/English major) knew of the particularly
devastating battles in that Pacific region, reading his journal
*before* and *right after* the battles was sort of tense.



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