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Over the holiday break, I read
        _Sights Unseen_ by Kaye Gibbons, a moving story of growing up in
a family centered around a mother suffering from manic-depressive
disorder.  Maggie, the narrator, finds a measure of healing in the
telling and realizes her mother did, in fact, love her.  Powerful book.
        _The Good Negress_ by A.J. Verdelle. A first novel, beautifully
written and engaging. This is a young writer with great promise. Toni
Morrison called it "Truly extraordinary," and that may be an understatement.
        _The Late Child_ by Larry McMurtry. A soap opera, but I
perserveered after the slow first half. Some engaging characters, but
this is no _Lonesome Dove_ or _Terms of Endearment_. Lacks believability.
        _Freedom's Landing_ by Anne McCaffrey. An old fashioned space opera
with nary a dragon in it, but an interesting cat-like alien species who
are the bad guys except for one with whom the human protagonist develops a
relationship.  Some discussion of inter-species rape but lacking in
gratuitous sex.  Made me nostalgic for those old space operas of the
fifties and early sixties. Recommended for 14 yrs. and up.
        _Original Sin_ by P.D. James.  Currently reading, with pleasure.

My new year's goal is one book per week to help me with reader advisory
with the kids; one book for me....
Beverly Maddox
FSU School, Tallahassee, FL

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