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> Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 12:29:38 -0800
> From: Spectrum Universal <Spectrum@pacificnet.net>
> To: World Horizons Network <Campus@Horizons.Org>
> Subject: Free Winter Classes Announced On Virtual Campus
>    Spectrum Virtual University is now accepting enrollments for
> the Winter 1995-96 term.  Our new catalog includes more than 20
> classes.  Most of these "virtual classes" are new and are being
> taught online for the first time.
>    Courses will include a repeat of "Exploring The Internet,"
> which attracted 40,000 people from 120 countries this Fall,
> a beginner's course on the World Wide Web and how to design a
> home page, two creative writing workshops, a popular course on
> Nonviolence that has been taught at UC Berkeley for more than
> 25 years, a history course on war-torn Bosnia, and a class on
> Tarot card reading.
>    Winter classes will be FREE OF CHARGE to the public, thanks
> to the good will of volunteer instructors and the generosity of
> Quarterdeck Corporation of Marina del Rey, CA who is sponsoring
> the Winter term.  Internet Business Unit Ambassador-at-Large Ron
> Brown explained that Quarterdeck is committed to expanding and
> enhancing the Internet to provide free and low-cost educational
> opportunities worldwide.  The company publishes cutting edge
> software products such as "Web Compass," "Internet Suite," and
> "WebTalk," which allows users to talk live over the Internet.
>    Winter classes begin January 29th and run 8-10 weeks through
> mid-April.  To obtain a Class Calendar and enrollment details,
> send e-mail to Calendar@Horizons.Org - or enroll for classes
> instantly by visiting our virtual campus on the World Wide Web:
> <http://horizons.org/campus/>
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>   NOTE: Please distribute this announcement to friends and co-
>   workers who are interested in our free online classes. This
>   notice may be freely posted on local bulletin boards, news-
>   groups, or reprinted in newsletters and other publications.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> SPECTRUM Virtual University                       Spectrum@Horizons.Org
> <http://horizons.org/campus/>                        FAX (818) 834-8221
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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