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I don't think I ever posted this.  Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the
Beth McCheyne
X-From:POLA_KR@access.ohio.gov (Karen Russo, LIB/MEDIA SPEC, POLAND SCHOOLS)
There is a multimedia CDROM from Grolier:  How would you survive?
It includes the ancient egyptians, vikings and aztecs.
I purchased a series of books (I'm at home now) Mexico--The people,
Mexico--The culture, Mexico--The?  Nice and thin, great pictures, interesting
info.  Another series includes Peru, India, China, Canada (4 books in this
series) and they plan to keep adding more countries.  The problem--the
publisher???? It's not Children's Press.  I think it's the publishing company
with a woman's first and last name Bobby Kalman??.  Also Encarta' 96 has
cultural studies about people all over the world.
X-From:collie@tenet.edu (Deborah Marie Collier)
"The Legend of El Dorado" is one my kids find fascinating!
X-From:babennet@mailbox.syr.edu (Blythe A. Bennett)
for the Mayan culture:  Rain Player by David Wisneiwski
Blythe Bennett
X-From:bhamilt@tenet.edu (Betty Dawn Hamilton)

Since you have so much time, you might contact the tourism offices of
those countries. When we were in Seward, Alaska, summer before last, we were
in a combination Chamber of Commerce/Information building. I saw books about
Alaska that I have *never* seen in catalogs.  They are probably available
through vendors, but I imagine they are somewhat scattered.  By writing the
tourism bureau, you should be able to get one bibliography of the newest
books. I keep intending to write the CofC in Seward to ask for the list. The
books there were WONDERFUL!


Here are some titles dealing with the Inuit culture that I will be using
in January.
Arctic Hunter by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
Ka-ha-si and the Loon (an Eskimo legend) by Terri Cohlene
Mary of Mile 18 by Ann Blades
Very Last First Time by Jan Wallace
How Snowshoe Hare Rescued the Sun (A tale from the Arctic) by Emery and
Durga Bernhard
A Small Tall Tale from the Far Far North by Peter Sis
Frozen Land by Jan Reynolds
Far North (I think that's the title) also by Jan Reynolds

Hope these help -
Sandy Stephens                  stepsan@udel.edu
Librarian                       Maclary Elementary
Newark, De

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