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HIT -- SITES BY SUBJECT 05/28/85 Bowlin
Re: Overhead bulbs 03/05/95 yeshiva
elem. internet aup 04/27/95 Reg. Deneau
Student writing--Plagiarism? 04/27/95 Peggy Nystrom
ELEM: First Grade Project 04/30/95 Jane Scott
ELEM HELP: 50 state videos 04/30/95 lmnet-l
Re: library school 04/30/95 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Re: Weeding 04/30/95 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Re: Roald Dahl 05/01/95 Debbie Abilock
HIT: Magazine Circulation (Long) 05/01/95 Cathy Rae
GREET: Special Holidays 05/01/95 Penelope S. Cunningham
Media Specialists at Coalition Schools 05/01/95 Sarah Sanford
Re: GEN: Social Sciences Fair 05/01/95 Pat Turner
kemosabe 05/01/95 Collegiate School
Re: Weeding 05/01/95 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Re: kemosabe 05/01/95 Wade Houston Weiler
GEN: Explanatory text 05/01/95 Lorraine Bignell
REF,SEC:Science suggestions for summer reading 05/01/95 Katherine Nielsen
REPLY: Highwayman 05/01/95 Mary Ellen Scribner
Re: Weeding 05/01/95 Sandra Ann Williams
Re: Twain quotation source 05/01/95 Judy D. Williamson
REF: Access Excellence Network 05/01/95 Branford Edulink Account
HIT: Inventory Using PHD 05/01/95 Pat Bender
TECH: Exemplary Technical Programs 05/01/95 VSCHUCK
Re: JOBS: media specialist positions in lower Michigan 05/01/95 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
TECH: Color Printers 05/01/95 Fidelis R. Poncher 904-684-2116
TECH:Follett's Unison Supplies/Equipment 05/01/95 Fidelis R. Poncher 904-684-2116
Fiction using myths 05/01/95 Cornfield Ann
Barbra Parks 05/01/95 lmnet-l
Re: HIT: Top Ten Books 05/01/95 Allison G Kaplan
Peg Kehret 05/01/95 lmnet-l
Re: GEN: Censorship 05/01/95 Angus Saunders
REF: Chemistry Question 05/01/95 Joyce G. Miller
500 WWW Schools! 05/01/95 Stephen E. Collins
Towers for macs 05/01/95 Wethersfield CU #230
Gen: kemo sabe 05/01/95 Theresa Sedinger
GEN: Priest (the movie) 05/01/95 Dick Trzicky " <dtrzicky@ENET.NET>
magazine articles 05/01/95 Betty Louise Copeland
ELEM: Poem(s) 05/01/95 Luree Jaquith - Estabrook School - Librarian
addresses 05/01/95 Oneida-Herkimer BOCES SLS
Re: weeding 05/01/95 KMRewerts
Re: MAC: Pict to Gif 05/01/95 Hinchingbrooke School
Request Short State Greetings 05/01/95 lcarter
GREET: For our school board 05/01/95 Maureen Olsen
Re: HUMOR: weeding 05/01/95 KAREN ALBRETHSEN
GEN: Help--Challenged Book 05/01/95 Jeannine Towler (JJ)
John Bellairs 05/01/95 lmnet-l
laptops in elementary computer lab 05/01/95 Gail M. Barraco
REF: SEC: automobiles 05/01/95 Karen McLachlan
Re: GEN: Librarian skills 05/01/95 Judy Ermlick
REF: Quote source "What a school thinks of its library..." 05/01/95 CAYSLS
Grade 3/Farm reports 05/01/95 Jeanette Mateer
REF: Quote source "What a school thinks of its library.." 05/01/95 CAYSLS
Re: GREET: Special Holidays 05/01/95 Tongay Epp
TARGET: Food Pyramid 05/01/95 Tongay Epp
ELEM: Cinderella variations 05/01/95 Clinton-Graceville High School
HIT/ELEM:Books made into movies 05/01/95 Jan Helene Moore
Author addresses needed 05/01/95 Pamela Hutson
GEN? states and provinces on internet 05/01/95 Paula Hughart
TARGET: 60's Short Stories & Poems 05/01/95 EVIE
REF: Fortune 500 companies (current list) 05/01/95 Dick Trzicky " <dtrzicky@ENET.NET>
Re: MAC: Pict to Gif 05/01/95 Stephen E. Collins
Re: GEN: Help--Challenged Book 05/01/95 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Re: GREET: For our school board 05/01/95 Huff, Richard
ALA Ballots 05/01/95 Ann K. Symons
GEN: Indiana job opening 05/01/95 Mary H. Kraft
QUES. for Chicago,IL & Louisville,KY Areas/ Teaching Strategies? 05/01/95 PEYTONAF
job in Western NYS 05/01/95 HARRINGTON27
Re: HIT/ELEM:Books made into movies 05/01/95 talbott
librarian and student survey 05/01/95 Marge Congress
SEC: CCC SUCCESSMAKER LAB 05/01/95 Ann Marie Sefcik
ADMIN: LM_NET archives 05/01/95 Mike Eisenberg
GREET 05/01/95 dcslib
Advice for book swap 05/01/95 Ann Snyder
article in Library of Congress magazine 05/01/95 Linda Strauss
Secondary school in Surrey B.C. 05/01/95 Paul Swan
REF: Mexican embassy 05/01/95 D Sparks
Re: HUMOR: weeding 05/01/95 Sandra Ann Williams
TECH: accountability and the Internet 05/01/95 Karen G. Schneider
TECH: accountability and the Internet 05/01/95 Russell Smith
Re: TECH: accountability and the Internet 05/02/95 Stephen E. Collins
TARGET: SEC: portfolios, storage and maintenance 05/02/95 Jeanette Ryan
TARGET:Hesave the MS 05/02/95 Linda Rothauge
GEN: school initials 05/02/95 Paula Zsiray
ELEM: Magazine suggestion for 4-6 gr girls 05/02/95 Melinda Miller-Widrick
SADAKO/PAPER CRANES--Halfway there! (fwd) 05/02/95 Sharon K. Oconnell
Gift Book 05/02/95 Northeast Community School District
GEN: Homebound instruction policy/procedure 05/02/95 Fred Muller Newton
Food Titles 05/02/95 Monica Carollo
Re: HIT: Magazine Circulation -STILL CONFUSED!!! 05/02/95 Roselle_Weiner
GREET 05/02/95 BarbHNDS
GEN: Saybrook Platform 05/02/95 Paula Zsiray
ELEM: Report cards 05/02/95 judy voran
Greetings 05/02/95 Emrich - Valerie
Tech 05/02/95 PUB_HOLPAT
TECH 05/02/95 Sanda Babington
Re: HIT/ELEM:Books made into movies 05/02/95 Debbie Abilock
CD tower in Elementary LMC 05/02/95 John D. Osterhout
GEN: Which Magazine is good? PC 05/02/95 Bunkiew
Re: Weeding 05/02/95 Linda Olson Berry

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