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Gen: Class lists/Circ software 08/31/96 Ellen Dibble
GEN: Back to school, and Back to LM_NET Thoughts 08/31/96 Peter Milbury
New focus needed 08/31/96 Sarah Lantz
Universal Truths for the School Librarian (fwd) 08/31/96 Betty Dawn Hamilton
help - respect theme 08/31/96 MarySue Preissner
Re: Class Lists 08/31/96 Louise Schwarzchild
Re: Cat: Buying Marc Records 08/31/96 Dr. Dana McDougald
multicultural collection building in school libraries (fwd) 08/31/96 Mike Eisenberg
Out-of print book help 08/31/96 Gail WOOD
Feedback on Extra-Curricular Duties 08/31/96 Dick Ramey
Re: new job/first week 09/02/96 Robert Laramee
Re: new job/first week 09/02/96 Elizabeth A. Eley

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