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Elem: Distributing book talk books 08/08/96 Dorothy Cousins
HIT: Elem. Big Book Storage 08/08/96 Nancy Wooldridge
REF: State Standards 08/08/96 Sandy Sharps
TARGET: Need publisher information 08/08/96 Kathy Graves
MacCALM 08/08/96 thomas lilly
JOB: Elementary (Alaska) 08/08/96 Della Matthis
JOBS: Middle school (Alaska) 08/08/96 Della Matthis
JOBS: High School (Alaska) 08/08/96 Della Matthis
fyi - Condition of Education, 1996 (fwd) 08/08/96 Mike Eisenberg
GEN: Librarians in Spanish/English schools 08/08/96 Gayle Hodur
TECH: Hyperstudio file transfers 08/08/96 Gayle Hodur
Real Murder Mystery--PLEASE read! 08/08/96 Jeannine Towler (JJ)
TARGET: K-2 Circulation--fiction/non-fiction (and .02 re pb 08/08/96 Kathy Hintz
Target>Sec: Social Studies Software 08/08/96 Diane Durbin
Elem: collection development 08/08/96 Pauline Herr
Elem: scheduling 08/08/96 Pauline Herr
Re: Months of... 08/08/96 Earl Moniz
Re: Cleaning headphones 08/08/96 Claudia A. Stephens
_Library Talk_ Magazine 08/09/96 T. K. Cassidy
Re: H.S. Internet class syllabus 08/09/96 Janet M. Bernreuther
Disconnecting Freeppp"s Auto Dialer 08/09/96 Madeline Buchanan
MID & SEC: WWW sites for classroom projects/e-mail projects. 08/09/96 Bunkie Wilson
GEN: Which automation? Follett, Winne, Casper? 08/09/96 Bunkie Wilson
TARGET->Elementary Reading Incentive Programs 08/09/96 Gretchen Baldauf
Re: CHESSIE, by Ruth Carroll 08/09/96 Mary Brenner
Donation of Paperbacks w/cut covers 08/09/96 teach
Immediate job openings in Lunenburg, MA 08/09/96 Kathy Lowe
Re: CHESSIE, by Ruth Carroll 08/09/96 Dr. DebbySue Vandevender
Re: Donation of Paperbacks w/cut covers 08/09/96 Ruth Ellen Pinchot
Beginning of the Year 08/09/96 Kathryn L. Stirk
Re: Donation of Paperbacks w/cut covers 08/09/96 Wanda Cuniff
Journal Articles 08/10/96 york school
Re: Listserv for teachers of the deaf - oral 08/10/96 Roselle_Weiner
Humour - Twins 08/10/96 T. K. Cassidy
Teacher help (fwd) 08/10/96 Frances D. Aley
Re: Donation of Paperbacks w/cut covers 08/10/96 Carol Simpson
Re: Donation of Paperbacks w/cut covers 08/10/96 Susan Weiss
no mail 08/10/96 Diane Hallisey
ADMIN: Correction re Mike and Peter 08/10/96 Mike Eisenberg
Short Read-alouds for 6th grade 08/10/96 Me
Re: Journal Articles 08/10/96 Ray Barber
Safe Haven at Fort Ontario in Oswego during WWII-book 08/10/96 Jeanette B. Heath
Re: Short Read-alouds for 6th grade 08/10/96 Louise Schwarzchild
Locations... 08/10/96 Earl Moniz
Re: Donation of Paperbacks w/cut covers 08/10/96 Chesterfield School Library
Internet Lab Supervision 08/10/96 Holly Tesar
TARGET: Professional Book 08/10/96 Steven L. Buenning
school yearbook companies 08/10/96 Janet Sim Dean
See ya later 08/11/96 T. K. Cassidy
Re: Teacher Links 08/11/96 Frances D. Aley
Brown tree snakes on Guam! 08/11/96 T. K. Cassidy
Need key pals in 4th and 5th grade 08/11/96 Megan McGuire
Misc: Thanks 08/11/96 Judy Seck
Re: Catholic schools 08/11/96 Lana Lim Miles
short novels for 6th grade 08/11/96 Florence Mcelligott
Re: GEN: Faculty checkout limits 08/11/96 Lana Lim Miles
Misc: Public library service - Capitol Cities U.S. 08/11/96 Judy Seck
ELEM: Babysitting?? 08/11/96 Deborah Marie Collier
Re: Another Excellent Web Resource 08/11/96 Jan Knoll
HIT: CD towers vs. web access 08/11/96 Carol Ann K. Winkler
Gen: How important is library? 08/11/96 Donna S Cook
Web site rationale mini-hit and thanks 08/11/96 Alex & Gretchen Chamberlin
ELEM: Separate Easy nonfiction? 08/11/96 MacFarlane
library skills 08/11/96 Susanne Ford-Croghan
GEN: Cataloging question 08/11/96 Gayle Hodur
MISC: For your protection against "babysitting" during lunch 08/11/96 Cheryl King
Computer Use Rules 08/11/96 Jennifer L. Burger
Re: MISC: For your protection against "babysitting" during lunch 08/11/96 Julie Walker
Read Alouds 08/11/96 Kathryn L. Stirk
Re: ELEM: Babysitting?? 08/11/96 Sheila Davis
HIT: USA Events/Holidays 1996-96 School Year 08/11/96 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
Re: MISC: For your protection against "babysitting" during lunch 08/11/96 Melissa Davis
GEN: Adaptations of classics 08/11/96 Gayle Hodur
GEN: Request For Assistance... 08/11/96 Earl Moniz
Questions from Donna re: Importance of Library 08/12/96 Tami Little
REF,ELEM: Intergenerational Books 08/12/96 ALEX MESSICCI
Re: What the Public Library Could Learn from Barnes & Noble 08/12/96 Carol Mackey - Mountain View
Re: ELEM: Babysitting?? 08/12/96 Robert Eiffert - Image
Re: HIT: Middle School Units 08/12/96 Lynn McCree
HIT> ELEM Checkout policies 08/12/96 Ellen Dibble
HIT LMC Laptop Checkouts 08/12/96 BOWENJM
Job reposting: ELEM, Philadelphia 08/12/96 Alex & Gretchen Chamberlin
Catholic High Schools 08/12/96 Loyola Sacred Heart
GEN: Checkouts when you're not present 08/12/96 Gayle Hodur
Texas situation 08/12/96 BONNIE KEYSER
GEN: Posters from Photos? 08/12/96 Suzanne Weinheimer
Re: Donation of Paperbacks w/cut covers 08/12/96 Carol Simpson
song title 08/12/96 Terri Duncko
Poetry 08/12/96 Becky Rabalais
Re: Importance of Library 08/12/96 Alice H. Yucht
The Math Curse 08/12/96 Sally Ann Smith
Re: ELEM: Separate Easy nonfiction? 08/12/96 Janet Rawdon
Games for K-2 in library 08/12/96 Roberta Hope Moecker
GEN: Film Appreciation 08/12/96 Global SchoolNet
On this day in history 08/12/96 Frankie Dilling
SEC: Testimonial greetings 08/12/96 Cecilia Baker
dejanews 08/13/96 Jan Knoll
Re: Canada Anthem (and MORE) 08/13/96 Margaret Stimson
Re: GEN: Faculty checkout limits 08/13/96 Debbie Abilock
REF Psych resources sought 08/13/96 Wade Grimes

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