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ALA Job Posting--AASL/YALSA Executive Director 08/16/96 Josephine Sharif
HIT> Posters from Photos 08/16/96 Suzanne Weinheimer
HIT> ELEM: Sports magazines 08/16/96 Suzanne Weinheimer
GEN: Giant Photos in Nashville TN? 08/16/96 Suzanne Weinheimer
OPAC on Internet 08/16/96 Kathy Graves
GEN: Foreign Travel 08/16/96 Sue Wilbanks
GEN: need advice re new book 08/16/96 Alice Yucht
? Catalog Filing Query 08/16/96 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
ridiculous reference questions 08/16/96 Madelynne Johnson
Hit: Quick Welcome B Board 08/16/96 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
Address/Phone Number for Map Mfg. 08/16/96 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
Card catalog? 08/16/96 Andrea Douglas
Shark Email 08/16/96 Clarence Grimm
?-Dragonheart(software) 08/16/96 Judy Ermlick
HIT>SEC: Social Studies Software 08/16/96 Diane Durbin
TARGET:fortune cookies 08/16/96 Bobbe Schafer
ELEM: Library Layout 08/17/96 Carlton Martz
Re: TARGET:World History Web sites 08/17/96 Mary Chadwick
Old catalog 08/17/96 Frances D. Aley
Old Card Catalog Drawers 08/17/96 Colleen Small
Bibliography for 7th Graders 08/17/96 Peg Sanford
Re: ridiculous reference questions 08/17/96 Sandra W. Griffith
Re: ridiculous reference questions 08/17/96 Brig C. McCoy
Gen:keypals 08/17/96 Jeannie Winters
Greetings 08/17/96 BRENDA L. KRINGS
GEN: Matilda 08/18/96 Richard Moore
SEC:Target:hispanic authors 08/18/96 Deborah J. Stafford
GEN:request for help 08/18/96 Deborah J. Stafford
Re: ridiculous reference questions 08/18/96 Sandra W. Griffith
Grade One Read-Aloud 08/18/96 Susan Fonseca-King
TARGET: HS Media Center &Guidance 08/18/96 Jeanne L. Carpenter
ELEM: Oceanography Skills 08/18/96 Karen Agecoutay
The Read In! (May 9, 1997) Wants YOU! 08/18/96 Jane Coffey
ELEM: books for new school year 08/18/96 Elana Gensler
Websites for professional activity and development 08/18/96 Karen G. Schneider
Momoyama 08/18/96 Linda Sue York
Father's Arcane Daughter 08/18/96 Linda Sue York
TECH > CTX Manual needed 08/18/96 Wade Grimes
Target-->career bibliography 08/18/96 Linda Carter
disconnecting from Eudora 08/18/96 Linda Slacum
Target: Source for audiobooks for Grades 3-4 08/18/96 Ellen Taylor
Target>School Anniversary Celebrations 08/19/96 GenAnn Keller
TECH: laplink 08/19/96 Wade Grimes
TECH: diamond media card 08/19/96 Wade Grimes
TECH: modem assist 08/19/96 Wade Grimes
CAT: MACCalm quirk 08/19/96 Gayle Hodur
Greetings --Omaha 08/19/96 Frances D. Aley
Another Question (fwd) 08/19/96 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Copyright free music 08/19/96 Jim Aufderheide
JOB: Calvert Co.,MD 08/19/96 Mary Kendall
Re: disconnecting from Eudora 08/19/96 Valarie F. Moreland 904-833-3335
TARGET: Shared database vendor questions 08/19/96 Kevin Roe
REF: Ask ERIC 08/19/96 Les Hotchkiss
Re: ridiculous reference questions 08/19/96 Robert Eiffert - Image
Re: TARGET: HS Media Center &Guidance 08/19/96 Robert Eiffert - Image
Re: REF: Ask ERIC 08/19/96 Blythe Bennett
Thanks for the Greetings!! 08/19/96 BRENDA L. KRINGS
Library Automation 08/19/96 Jeanne Chesterton
Gen: Ginott, Hiam 08/19/96 Anderson, Karen
cafeteria noise control (fwd) 08/19/96 Winnie W Ngan
HIT->GEN: good quick ideas for a welcome back bulletin board 08/19/96 Melinda Miller-Widrick
Why not have Africa in our schools? 08/19/96 Africa-In-Our-Schools Program
Sec: Library helpers and skills 08/19/96 George Anne Draper
Re: ridiculous reference questions 08/19/96 eberne
Count On Reading Update! 08/19/96 Suzanne W. Hawley 813-592-1777
Re: Why not have Africa in our schools? 08/19/96 Rita Kaikow (Oceanside High School)
Math Curse 08/19/96 Sally Ann Smith
ELEM:keypals 08/19/96 Jean Bellavance
Re: Math Curse 08/19/96 Judith F. Davie
TECH: Mac 5200/PPP/Eudora problems 08/19/96 Wolfgram, Linda
Tech: French Video transfer to VHS? 08/19/96 Anne C Oelke
Tech: CD-ROM circ/use 08/19/96 Anne C Oelke
book titles 08/19/96 Cathy Lindstrand 305 437-0500
Elem: Tall Tales 08/19/96 Country Day School
Re: ridiculous reference questions 08/19/96 Karen G. Schneider
Legend of Hua MuLan 08/19/96 Jacquelyn B Shanti
Does Dole have a pet? 08/19/96 Colleen Small
Re: library skills 08/19/96 Connie
Re: ridiculous reference questions 08/20/96 Beverly A Barr
TECH: desktop security for Windows 95? 08/20/96 Shelley Lochhead
HIT on TECH> modem assist 08/20/96 Wade Grimes
GEN: Finding Info in Archives 08/20/96 Sara Miller
TARGET: Library Learning Centers 08/20/96 Sara Miller
Videos based on a book 08/20/96 Novak
Slavery and the civil war 08/20/96 Novak
Movies based ona book 08/20/96 Novak
Keeping track of AUPs 08/20/96 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Need Word Definition 08/20/96 Dennis G. Jones 941-773-3147
bibliography citations 08/20/96 Linda Slacum
GEN: News of the Past 08/20/96 Rayna Patton
Kludge 08/20/96 David H. Fulton
Re: Math Curse 08/20/96 Dan Robinson /Indexing Services
New MEL Education Links 08/20/96 Peter Butts
QUEBEC TEACHER-LIBRARIANS 08/20/96 Dorothy Cousins
Ref:Philip Booth 08/20/96 Julie Burwinkel- Librarian
Re: bibliography citations 08/20/96 Susan Aroldi
Re: Internet Training in Southern Ohio and West Virginia 08/20/96 Mike Eisenberg
IEP's for gifted students 08/20/96 Sandra Dwan
GEN: Primary Colors 08/20/96 Carole Ashbridge
Thanks-keypals sources 08/20/96 Jean Bellavance

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