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For immediate release                           Date July 30, 1996

Contact:        Robert Carlitz, (412) 624-9257

$1 Billion For Schools at Stake In On-line Seminar

Educators nationwide have the opportunity to help the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) define the subsidies for schools and libraries using the

Sections of the new Telecommunications Act can provide subsidies of as
much as $1 billion annually to schools and libraries, but FCC staff
want to hear from educators. The Act was signed into law in February,
1996, and the FCC is now establishing the implementation procedures. One
aspect greatly impacting education is called Universal Service.

The Universal Service provisions establish a new fund for schools,
libraries and rural health care providers. The FCC has issued a public
"Notice of Proposed Rule Making" on Universal Service.  This provides an
opportunity for public comment before a Federal/State Joint Board charged
with writing the rules to implement the Universal Service provisions of
the Telecommunications Act.  FCC staff are presently working with public
comments presented to the Commission and are using these comments to help
construct the new rules.

Educators can now join a five-week on-line seminar on the Universal
Service provisions of the Telecommunications Act. The seminar is hosted by
the Information Renaissance, a Pittsburgh based non-profit organization.
Information from the seminar will become part of the record used by the FCC.

Participants will include teachers, librarians, school administrators,
people from the business community, and government staff.

The on-line discussion will take place Aug. 26 - Sept. 27, 1996. The only
requirement is that participants must have access to the World Wide Web.
The seminar Web site is: http://info-ren.pitt.edu

Topics covered in the seminar will include:
* Universal Service provisions of the Telecommunications Act.
* How schools and libraries use network technology.
* How the Act can address the needs of schools and libraries.
* FCC procedures for public involvement.

Participants will work toward these goals:
* Learn about FCC procedures.
* Tell FCC staff what technology is needed in local schools and
* Enable students to get the tools and training for the jobs of the

Broad participation is important, said Bob Carlitz. Executive Director of
the Information Renaissance, because the FCC has received little input
from practitioners with hands-on experience in technology implementation.
Topics to be addressed in the seminar include:
* Possible education subsidies at $1 billion annually.
* Connection of all of the nation's classrooms and libraries to the Internet.
* Implementation of the telecommunications act as it meets the needs of
schools and libraries.

Initial funding for the seminar is being provided by BellSouth Foundation
with additional support from The Heinz Endowments. Additional funding is
being sought from other telecommunications providers. "This will allow the
seminar to serve teachers, librarians and other interested people from
regions across the United States", said Carlitz.

For more information visit the Information Renaissance web site
or, send electronic mail to:
or contact Carlitz at (412) 624-9257.

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