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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 96 13:50:37 EDT
Reply-To: infolit@ala1.ala.org
To: infolit@ALA.ORG
Subject: Alert! Responses Needed on National Research Agenda

People who understand the value of information literacy and resource-
based learning to education at either the k-12 or higher education
levels, need to be alerted to the August 5th deadline for responding
to the U.S. Department of Education, OERI, draft of a proposed
national research priority plan. In its document, "Building on What
We've Learned: Developing Priorities for Educational Research," there
is little to no mention of:

*  information literacy
*  resource-based learning
*  information resources/technology
*  libraries
*  or anything else to do with the realities of today's information society

Since the priorities are expected to be the blueprint that funding services,
both public and private, will refer to when deploying their educational
R & D resources over the next 5-15 years, such omissions are of great

Letters can make a difference! You should send your comments to:

Judith Anderson
U.S. Department of Education, OERI
555 New Jersey Ave., NW, Room 510,
Washington, D.C. 20208

Email: Judith_Anderson@ed.gov

If you have not seen the document you can see the full text on the Web
at http://www.ed-gov/offices/OERI/RschPriority/.

Patricia Senn Breivik
Dean, University Libraries
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan 48202

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