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We started out with something similar First grade checked out 1, second
2, etc.
A couple of issues: We teach to a wide variety of kids, some read only
during 'reading' some read all the time. Some parents read to them every
night, some have trouble with TV guide. Some have teachers who advocate
reading, some dump the kids off for the 1/2 hour break.

We have 2nd graders coming in everyday to 'get a new book', we have
parents who ask that we 'don't let our kid check out' because they don't
want the responsibility of making sure it gets back to school.

The public library, also tax-supported, allows unlimited checkout,
including continuing checkout even if you have lost book charges.

Obviously, part of our teaching is also the social skills, which should
mean learning about how things like libraries expect you to behave.
Nobody's perfect, and you probably will bring the book back soon. Of
course, the public library is used on a voluntary basis.

I really don't like the idea of limiting use of the library to the lowest
common denominator. One kindergarten kid can handle 2-3 books a week,
another forgets or lost his first one; should we not check out to Ks?

I think part of the process is making sure the parental units know the
policies and how many books their kid(s) have out, early not after a
month overdue. Also, some accountability from the teacher is necessary.
I'll bet that most spend more time making sure every kid has his lunch
ticket when they line up  than checking to make sure books are ready to go.

Things I do:  We still have the grade level limits (though since we are
multiage I clump them, 1s and2s get 2) but early in the year I raise the
limits. If kids are doing assignments, I don't cut into their limits. We
send out information to parents about library policies at the beginning
of the year, and send reminders in newsletters and flyers during the year.
We do overdues for each class on their library day, the k and 1s get
reminders the day before. Kid that show care and responsibility can
checkout of the limit as long os their record is good. I don't worry
about archiving Sports Illustrated for kids, etc. Parents have checkout
privilages also.  We do several reading programs for parents during the
year, ussually in conjuction with the Reading Specialist, se have a fair
amount of contact with parents in a positive way, rather than an overdue
letter being the only thing they see from us.

I think the problems you raise are fairly universal. Much of the cause is
how our own program is set up.

Done, going on vacation, back on the 12th to catalog carts of books and
100 videos,

Bob Eiffert, librarian, Image Elementary Vancouver WA

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