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I am the original poster for the URL for the *Librarian's Guide" WWW site.
I have heard from several people who could not access the site with the
address I gave but I have also heard from several people who did use the
address successfully.  Once again these computers have me baffled:/

I cut the address directly from the site and posted it to my original
posting.  I have double and triple checked the address and I think it's
correct.  I am able to get to the site using the URL I gave:


The only two places I see as potential trouble are 1)determining the Ls from
the ones (K12 is a one; lib is an L) and 2)thinking there should be a WWW
segment to the address (there isn't).

If you had trouble getting to the site, will you please let me know the
reason if you know?  I certainly didn't want to frustrate anyone...in fact I
was trying to make you life easier by directing you to all of this great
info:)  Please let me know.  Thanks


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