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> What is TENET - - - your on-line service?  What are Bluebonnet books?

Actually, this is to Judy who asked the question, but others may want to
know also.  TENET is Texas Education NETwork that is provided for Texas
Educators for $5.00 per year to use textbased e-mail, web searchers, etc.
(soon to include a graphics interface provider).  Other states have
similar providers.

The Bluebonnet Award is given annually to one book out of about 20 that
are selected for younger students.  This is a Texas award.  Texas also
has another award for secondary level students. The acronym is TAYSHA,
but I don't remember the exact words it stands for.

        Betty Dawn Hamilton * bhamilt@tenet.edu * 806.637.4523
Learning Resources Specialist * Tenet Master Trainer * Brownfield High School
                701 Cub Drive * Brownfield, TX 79316

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