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Hello LM_NET Members,

  I would like to Thank everyone for taking time to respond to my need for
new ideas.  Many asked that I post a hit from my responses so here they are>

-Chain links:  Choose a tipic, give each student 3 pieces of paper to write
three important facts about the topic.  Staple together to make a chain.
Very motivational because students try to make their chains longer than
another groups, therefore more research is needed.

-Word finds, crosswords or mazes related to libraries, books, authors etc.

-Fly High with Research: make a kite from construction paper.  Students choose
a topic, as they find information they write down one fact on a "tail"
section for the kite.  Each different type of source where they found the
fact had color coded tails.  Use yarn to staple facts on to tails.

-Rainforest Facts: Use yarn to make vines, attach different colored leaves
with recorded facts onto leaves.  Attach leaves to vines.

-Quizz Cards: Create cards giving clues about books in Library.  Divide the
class into four teams.  Teams then compete against each other by taking
turns naming the book for 1 point and the author for another point.

-Students as Books: Make spine labels 5" x 5" and laminate.  Choose 5 or 6
students to be books and the rest of the class puts them into order.  Make
spine labels easy then increase the difficulty.

-Game Area: During recess and noon hour games are provided for students as a
type of reward.  Games could include chess, puzzles, flash card games.

-Reading Partners

- Puzzles: made from the front of cereal boxes or dog biscuits.  Various
posters can also be made into puzzles.

- Use centers such as: check out center, puzzles, games, or book themes.

- Dukane viewers

-Scavenger Hunts

- Quality films which accuratley portray a written book.

Thanks so uch again to everyone who helped

Karen Agecoutay

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