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Dear LM_NET Colleagues,

Here is a free online workshop that has a good reputation.

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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 10:24:14 -0700
From: Tom Newell <tomn@internic.net>
Subject: InterNIC hosts ROADMAP96

The InterNIC is pleased to announce that it is now hosting the
ROADMAP96 workshop series authored and led by Patrick Crispen.
Subscription information and details may be found at the URL:


We are in the process of preparing HTML versions of the lessons
which will be hosted at the URL:


Patrick's announcement and details are appended to this message.



Tom Newell      liaison@internic.net    +1 703 742 4796
NIC Liaison     InterNIC Support Services
PGP Key fingerprint =  5E 86 3D 13 73 19 69 08  6B 54 6A 7D AD A2 37 6D



   (*Please pay particular attention to the three "notes" at the
   bottom of this announcement*)

   ROADMAP96 is a 27-lesson, Internet training workshop designed to
   teach new "Net travelers" how to travel around the rapidly
   expanding (and often-times confusing) "Information Superhighway"
   without getting lost.  The original Roadmap workshop, which debuted
   in the Fall of 1994, rapidly became the most popular on-line
   Internet training workshop in history.  ROADMAP96 is a completely
   revised and updated version of the original Roadmap workshop.
   ROADMAP96's lessons are primarily written for people with accounts
   on command-line systems (like UNIX, VAX, and VM), but EVERYONE is
   welcome to participate in the workshop!

   The entire ROADMAP96 workshop will take place on the ROADMAP96 list
   (ROADMAP96 is a distribution list, not a discussion list).
   ROADMAP96 covers: E-mail; LISTSERVs, Majordomo, Listproc, and other
   e-mail distribution systems; Usenet; FTP; Archie; Gopher; Veronica;
   Address Searches; the Web; and many other topics.  Since a number
   of ROADMAP96's participants only have e-mail access to the
   Internet, the ROADMAP96 workshop lessons will also teach you how to
   access many of the Internet's tools (FTP, Archie, Gopher, etc.)
   through e-mail!

   Thanks to the kind folks at the Internet Network Information
   Center (the InterNIC), ROADMAP96 now has a permanent home ... and
   new ROADMAP96 workshop start every two weeks!  All you have to do
   to participate in one of the free Roadmap96 workshop sessions is
   subscribe to the ROADMAP96 e-mail distribution list!

   To be a part of the next ROADMAP96 workshop session -- new
   sessions start every two weeks -- just send an e-mail letter to


   with the command


   in the body of your e-mail letter, replacing YOURFIRSTNAME and
   YOURLASTNAME with your first and last names.


        1) I am *still* working on a Web workshop (called "Atlas")
           that I hope to introduce this Fall.  I just want y'all to
           be aware that Roadmap96 is not "Atlas."

        2) You *must* use the command


           to be able to subscribe to ROADMAP96.  If you leave the
           "96" off of "ROADMAP96" you will receive a letter from the
           LISTSERV telling you that "you are not allowed to
           subscribe."  REMEMBER: SUBSCRIBE TO "ROADMAP96" *NOT* TO

        3) HTML, ZIP, and SEA versions of all of the Roadmap96 lessons
           will *eventually* be available on the Roadmap homepage at

   (\__/)  .~    ~. ))
   /O O  ./      .'             Patrick Douglas Crispen
  {O__,   \    {               The University of Alabama
    / .  . )    \                crispen@campus.mci.net
    |-| '-' \    }            http://www.ua.edu/~crispen/
   .(   _(   )_.'
  '---.~_ _ _&                    Warning: squirrels.

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