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Part 2

I ASKED:  If you know of a resource of any kind that your found
INVALUABLE for you/your school as you first went on-line,
please let me know.  It might also be helpful if you briefly
mentioned how or why you rate it so highly.

Here are the edited responses:
The following guides are invaluable.  You might call for prices,
as I don't know how current my info is.
        Texas State Library 1-800-252-9386
        Box 12927
        Austin, TX 7811-2927

>>>>Small Libraries Online/C.Peterson, pub.1993. Includes
        preparing for automation, data conversion, sample
        costs/budgets. LANS, retrospective conversion.
One copy free to all Texas libraries, $4 for out of state.
Also available at same cost: CREW Method of Weeding (sells
for $8.50 other places)

These are also available, but I don't know what the cost is
for out-of-state.

>>>>*Long-Range Planning for Automation: The Journey to Oz?* 1995
    *Selecting and Using a Core Reference Collection* manual.
       2nd ed. pub. 1993
    *Spinning Stories: An Intro to Storytelling Skills* Manual,
Ask for their 1995 publications list describing their other
documents for school/public libraries.

        Texas Education Agency (TEA) 1-512-463-9734
        1701 North Congress Ave.
        Austin, Tx. 78701

>>>>1. The Library Media Center: A Force for Student
        Excellence, pub. 1993. Includes program, staff,
        resources, facilities, the LMC & curriculum, the
        LMC & technology. $4
    2. Library/Information Skills for Quality Education, pub
        1987.  Grade-by-grade objectives for Pre-K to 12th. $2
    3. Attracting Students & Teachers to the LMC, pub. 1987.
        Includes activities, programs & projects, references,
        games, sample bookmarks, awards, clip-art, etc. $1
    4. Planning the LMC Facility for the 1990's & Beyond,
        pub. 1991.  Includes architecture, space, lighting,
        square footage, sample floor plans. $2
Try this one:  EdWeb URL
The Internet Kids Yellow Pages, Special Edition, by Jean Armour
Polly.  ISBN 0-07-882197-5

Librarian's Information Online Network

That's it!  Once again, thanks for your response and I apologize
for the earlier mess.

Ruth Kaiser
Unified Catholic Parish Schools
Beaver Dam, WI

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