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Thanks to ALL of you who sent messages helping me remember the names of
books made into movies.  I was particularly interested in those released
this summer, but many sent lists including the last several years.  I know
there is a <very long> list in the archives-that thread was what started me
thinking about this display.

Here are some of the titles mentioned as being released this year or last
year:"Jumanji", "Indian in the Cupboard", "Pinnochio", "James and the Giant
Peach", "Matilda", "Night oof the Twister (TV)", "Hunchback of Notre Dame",
"Dangerous Minds", "Homecoming (TV)".

If you think of any others RELEASED THIS YEAR, please send.

Haven't received this much mail since school was out.  Great to know so
many people are continuing to read during the summer.

Thanks to everyone!!!


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