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Jayne Moore                     jmoore@umd5.umd.edu
St. Michaels High School        tel (410) 745-2852
200 Seymour Avenue              fax (410) 745-3532
St. Michaels MD  21663

Second attempt:
At last, the long-awaited syllabus from our Internet course.  Notes may
be difficult to decipher, as they were made as our own reminders.  Also,
forgive any errors as we were revising this rather hastily to get it out to
you!  Please feel free to use or adapt as you want, and/or contact either of
us if you have any questions.  Sailor is Maryland's state telecommunications
netork (developed by the Maryland library community), a site on the World Wide
Web (http://sailor.lib.md.us), and will probably only be useful to
Marylanders as part of the instruction.  Good luck with your training.

Marge Shaffer and Jayne Moore, Talbot County (Maryland) Public Schools
August 1, 1996


Notes for us:
        Get Board of Ed to provide 2" binders
        Provide refreshments, Day 1
        Develop application; attach letter requesting U of MD e-mail
                        (request by ____ date); have participants know to bring
                        e-mail packet to workshop (check school for packet)
        Send preliminary information to participants (prerequisite
                        assessments; e-mail information; full syllabus;
                        Day 1 handouts; note to bring packets to class - will
                        provide them with binders; clarify need for e-mail
        Develop evaluation forms
        Join ListServ to demo
        Posters of definitions to display on wall (do daily with that
                        day's vocabulary
                        - give full list of definitions last day
        Chart paper - sign up time slots/topics for presentations
        Norms on chart paper (on time; breaks; being a student;
                        evaluations, etc.)
        Get brochures - "Child Safety on the Internet"
                                        "Making the Net Work for You"
        Duplicate handouts
        Put cartoons relating to daily topics on transparencies
                        (Use as daily kickoff)


Introduction and Assessment                             15 minutes
        physical needs - restrooms, food
        introductions - web icebreaker with yarn
        Real Internet Questionnaire
        level of expertise/experience?
        connections at home?
        e-mail availability
        participant expectations
                begin, end on time
                become a student
                have fun
                give feedback
                follow directions

Objectives/Course expectations                          15 minutes
        discuss presentation summative
           (include choosing topics)
        daily evaluations
        give packets

Overview of the Internet                                15 minutes
        making the physical connections - use pictures
                phone line
                text v. graphical

Overview of Sailor                                      15 minutes
        history; definition; connectivity
          (get information on local providers)

Demonstration of Sailor                                 45 minutes

Break                                                   15 minutes

Guided Practice (Sailor)                                30 minutes

Independent Practice (Sailor)                           45 minutes

Report on Independent Practice                          15 minutes

Wrap-up                                                 30 minutes
        Summation of Day 1; For Day 2
        Reminder: read info in packets
        Give Day 2 handouts
        Bring e-mail packets/sample magazines marked with URLs
        Faces exercise


Review Evaluations/Present Daily Objectives             25 minutes
        Comments, questions
        Discuss presentations (summative)
                (note: give presentation packets
                            use white paper)

Introduction to e-mail                                  30 minutes

Activation/Practice with e-mail                         40 minutes
        Put e-mail address on chart

Introduce ListServs                                     15 minutes

Break                                                   15 minutes

Introduce/Demonstrate the World Wide Web                30 minutes
        via URL's
        "Interpreting" URL's
        Sources for URL's - magazine assignment
        Search Engines v. URL's

Guided Practice using URL's                             30 minutes

Independent Practice using URL's                        40 minutes

Wrap-up                                                 15 minutes
        Summation of Day 2; For Day 3
        Give Day 3 handouts
        Discusss presentation topics
        "Knots" poem
        Faces exercise


Review Evaluations/Present Daily Objectives             10 minutes
        Check e-mail

Review Paths from Sailor                                10 minutes

Demonstrate Sailor via "Search Sailor"                  10 minutes

Search Engines

        Overview                                        15  minutes

        Boolean operators, truncation, etc.             20  minutes

        Yahoo                                           25  minutes

Break                                                   15  minutes

Search Engines Continued
        InfoSeek                                        25 minutes
        Alta Vista                                      25  minutes
        MetaCrawler                                     25  minutes
        Independent Practice                            45  minutes

Wrap-up                                                 15 minutes
        Comments, questions, concerns
        Check on e-mail packets
        Discuss projects (sign up slot/topic on chart)
        Summation of Day 3; For Day 4
        Distribute Day 4 handouts
        Faces exercise


Review Evaluations/Present Daily Objectives             15 minutes
        Check e-mail
        Comments, questions, concerns

Introduce ERIC                                          30 minutes

Discuss Student Use of the Internet                     20 minutes
        Classroom Applications
        Acceptable Use/safety
        Bibliographic format

Develop Lesson Plan (include break)                     155 minutes

Wrap-up                                                 20 minutes
        Demo favorite sites
        Summation of Day 4; For Day 5
        Discuss Presentations
        Faces exercise

Day 5

Check e-mail                                            15 minutes

Presentations                                           120 minutes

Break                                                   20 minutes

Presentations (continued)                               60 minutes

Wrap-up                                                 25 minutes
        Final thoughts and comments
        Delete bookmarks
        "You know you are hooked when..."
        Faces exercise
        Action plan
        Written final evaluation
        E-mail comments to county workshop coordinator
           & Maryland State Library Chief

Training Syllabus developed by:
Jayne Moore - jmoore@umd5.umd.edu
Marge Shaffer - mshaffer@umd5.umd.edu
Talbot County Public Schools, Maryland, USA

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