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Just had a very interesting conversation with a High School Media Teacher.
 His statistics show much heavier use of media equipment and services (i.e.
requests for A-V services) than general Media Center use.  His contention: we
need to reach out to classrooms and teachers by taking the collection to them
rather than expecting them to come to the Media Center.  He feels if we did
this early on (9th, 10th grades) then later on the students would come to the
media center to further investigate what is there.

How about it?  Any feelings on "outreach" of this type?  What about ideas for
marketing media center services.  Maybe we just need to do a better job of
teaching the teachers on how to use Media Center services.  Any suggestions,
comments, etc. would be appreciated!

Kevin Roe,
Fort Wayne Community Schools (IN) Media Services Dept.

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