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In my system it is pretty much up to the librarian in each school to
decide on check-out policy. I allow grade K-1 to take out
one book a week.  This seems to be enough for them to handle.  In grade 2 I make a
big deal about letting them take out two weeks a week.  Grades 3-5 also
take out two books a week but grades 4 and especially 5 may take out
three or four if they need the materials for reports.  I encourage kids,
even the youngest, to bring their books back when they are finished and
take out new ones.  I try to be as flexible as possible in lending books
but also keep a sharp eye on those not returning books.  At the end of
the year unreturned and unpaid for books are not just a bother but a tragedy.

As for magazines, I used to let them circulate like books but I found the
magazines either never came back, or came back in absolutely rotten
shape.  I let teachers take out magazines for classroom use.  If a kid
really wants to take out a magazine I encourage his/her teacher to sign it

Did I mention that I am in a K-5 school.

Janet Rawdon
Newton MA

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