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Don't use newsprint.  Find out if you have a web printer nearby.
That's a printer that uses huge rolls of paper to print pages on a
webbed belt that takes it through the press.  These presses are so
fast that they stop well before the end of the roll and switch rolls.
 That leaves yards of good quality (not newsprint) paper on the end
of the roll.  My local source tosses these end of the rolls into a
big bin and I go periodically with my truck and load up.  They're
happy to get rid of them, and I use the whole roll, even the heavy
cardboard core (I made palm trees out of the longest core...covered
with torn off strips of construction paper for bark
and made big floppy fronds on flexible metal wire
that I shoved down in between the cardboard layers.  Looked great
during read aloud of _Where the Wild Things Are_ and ......
(drat... what IS the name of the big picture  book with the
prominent palm/coconut trees???)

 Anyway, if you like the palm tree idea you
can do it without these paper cores.....simply get a big
core from your local carpet/vinyl floor covering place.
Those things will come up to 15 feet long, I think!

Deena Wells,Librarian
Stewart Elementary
 *   willie@iac.net
 *   dazbell@tlcnet.muohio.edu

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