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Hello!  This might have been discussed before, but I could not find
anything in the archives.  Please forgive me if this has been covered

What are the pros and cons of having paperback fiction separate from
hardcover fiction?  I have inherited a collection where the two are
separate, and the paperbacks do not appear to be in the card catalog.  I'm
thinking about interfiling the paperbacks with the hardcovers (which would,
of course, mean cataloging these as well), but might make it easier for
students to find books (instead of having to look in two separate
locations).  What do you think?

Has anyone had good or bad experiences with either or both methods?  Please
respond to me directly and I'll post a hit.  Thanks for your comments!


Linda Wolfgram
Middle/High School Media Specialist
Benton Community Schools
Van Horne, IA

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