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Guam has several openings for school librarians as well as for  other
specialists and teachers.  Two thirds of our libraries are either automated
or have completed their recons.  Funding is available to convert the rest.
Applicants for library positions must possess valid teacher certification
in any state as well as the necessary library courses or M.L.S.  U.S.
citizenship is required.  In addition, Guam requires all applicants to take
and pass an English proficiency test before a contract can be offered.
This is administered by the recruiting team.  If you are interested in
working in a multicultural environment, making a significant professional
contribution and enjoy warm weather, beach activities, and travel
opportunities, you might want to check us out.  If you are interested and
can make one of the following interview times, please contact me with your
name, address, contact phone/Fax numbers, and a brief statement of the
degrees and type of certification you hold.  I will then forward the
information to our personnel office and ask them to contact you with
specific details.

Aug. 6  St. Paul, Minnesota      Aug. 8   U. of Missouri-St. Louis Job Fair
Aug. 9  Tempe, Ariz.  Arizona State University Job Fair
August 12   Newton, Mass.        Aug. 14  Orlando, Fla.        Aug. 16
Los Angeles, Ca.
Aug. 18    Honolulu, Hawaii

Cheryl King, Librarian
Agana Heights Elementary
Box DE
Agana, Guam 96910
E-Mail:  Cheryl.King@KUENTOS.GUAM.NET
Home Phone:  563-1073

GUAM-Where America's Day Begins!

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