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I am taking a course right now about Library Automation.  My assignment is
to subscribe to a library listserv and write a paper about the things they
discussed related to library automation.  Since you haven't discussed much
about it, I thought I'd throw this question out there and see what I get.

If you're library is automated, which vendor/system do you use?  Do you
like it?  What do you use it for (circ, OPAC, cataloging, serials,
aquisitions, etc.)  How did you decide which vendor to go with?  What was
you criteria for a vendor or system? Anything you can give me about you
experience would be great and appreciated.  Please respond to my e-mail
address (sg955bfc@post.drexel.edu).  I will be sharing results with a whole
class of future libraians, so you would be helping many of your future
colleagues.   THANKS!

P.S.  I really like this listserv--I get lots of great ideas and info!

Sharon Ann McLarney

The greatest resource any country can have is its children.

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