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I am an elementary media specialist, fixed schedule, inter-city school
(about 400 kids).  Kids do not receive grades for library, therefore there
is no accountability.  I am trying to get the teachers to plan with me so
that the lessons I do in library will connect with what they are doing in
the classroom.  If this takes hold, should help the problem some.  In the
meantime, does anyone do a short progress report that is sent home with
report cards.  If so would you please share what you send home for lower
(K-2) and upper elemetary (3-5).  Is this possible?  Is it helpful?  Please
reply directly to my e-mail address.
Judy Seck
Teacher/Media Specialist
1012 West Willow
Lansing, MI  48915
Voice & FAX (517)325-7348

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