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If a candidate is not selected before September, our Superintendent has
agreed to provide substitute coverage to enable us to work through the
interview process efficiently while supporting the ongoing Library

If you know of anyone who is interested in working as a per diem
Substitute SLMS, please have them register with Oceanside Schools.

Anyone who is a certified teacher going for their MLS should consider this
as well.  The experience would be beneficial.

Oceanside Schools
Personnel Office
145 Merle Ave.
Oceanside, NY 11572

Anyone so doing, should forward their name and resume to me as well.

NOTE:  Make sure to label this as registering for the Substitue Postion
so that it doesn't get mixed up with those applying for the full time
position at the High School.

Rita Kaikow, MLS                               | Oceanside High School Library
     Library Media Specialist,                 | 3160 Skillman Avenue
     Internet Coordinator,                     | Oceanside, NY 11572
     Founder of the Mandarin Mailing List      |
     Co-Pres.: Long Island School Media Assoc. |
     Moderator: TECHDISC (ALA/AASL)            |
K12ocKZR@HOFSTRA.EDU                           | [Phone: 516/678-7534]
If e-mail to the above address is getting bounced back to you or getting
no response from me, try the following:  ritak@dorsai.org

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