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An article in the School Librarian's Workshop (Apr. '96 page 9) deals
with big book storage.
Use skirt hangers and clip the big books onto them and hang on an old
chart stand.
Divide into fiction and non-fiction stacks and stand them up on a counter
with blocks to hold them up.
Try buying one of those net things that hang from a corner, like we put
bulky stuffed animals in to unclutter our kids'bedrooms.
Buy large plastic bags with hooks for big books and hang them on a 6 ft.
length of plastic chain from the ceiling in the AV storage room.
Purchase large plastic bags.  Store on a big book easle with bars to
hang bags on.  Store in a holder with pockets for big books.  Hang bags
on a rack for the wall or back of the door.
Order big book bags from Monaco and hang on a Monaco circular rack.
Order a cabinet with slots.
Have a free standing shelf made (based on those found in early childhood
catalogs.  Whole thing on rollers.
Put books in discarded coloring book stands from WalMart.
Hang on a clothesline or from skirt hangers.
Shelve on ordinary 18" shelf units with racks installed on shelves (racks
are for media storage).  Shelve books on their side.
Order storage bins.  Order large plastic bagsto hang on used garment
racks on wheels purchased from Target.
Check out Hoover Brothers Catalog and get a carpenter build unit.
Purchase a big book metal wire rack that sits on top of bookcases ($29).
Purchased a unit from The Library Store specifically for big book
storage.  Books stand vertically in the back of the unit.
Put books in a big stand that holds a big dictionary on top and atlases
in the big shelves...shelves are big enough for big books.
Ordering big portfolios for big books and art prints.
Storage container on wheels.  It is cut on a diagonal at the top and has
about 8 dividers.  Can be rolled under counter.
Took out a shelf in the AV storage room and put up a thin metal rod to
hang big books in plastic bags.
Purchased a special cart that is a combination storage rack-marker or
chalk board-easel that is on wheels.
Rescued a wire stand being thrown out by a drugstore; it looks as though
it might have held newspapers.
Several publishers of big books can supply you with canvas panels with
big pockets for the books and grommets on top for hanging.
I have a closet that housed spare equipment and media kits.  The shelves
have metal tracks which make the shelves adjustable.Shelves are a little
deeper than regular book shelves.  If shelves are placed about 5 inches
apart, about 12 books can be shelved on one shelf and can get about 8
shelves in a section.
Contacted vocational education teacher and students made shelves paid for
with book fair money.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

Nancy Wooldridge

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