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Hi Group....
 In the past few weeks, I have seen a lot of questions on flexible
scheduling and how one librariran can handle more than one library. I found
a magazine - new to me - called _Library Talk_. It is designed especially
for elementary librarians. The main article for the Mar/Apr 1996 issue is
called _The Ultimate Flexible Schedule: Being where you're needed, WHEN
you're most needed, in Mulitple schools_ .

Other articles are on developing policy and procedure manuals and
management tips as well as an author profile. It might be worth writing
for. If you are interested, let me know and I'll give you the address, etc.


Slainte! Guam is 15 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time --
Living' in the future -- ain't Life grand!

T. K. Cassidy - Children's Librarian /// Guam Public Library
                             Resident Writer and Storyteller ///

Winner of the 1996 Maga'lahi Award for Excellence in the Humanities

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