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Please accept my apology if you are disturbed by my
using LM_NET to publicize this case.  However, after
I read the book, WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER, I
began corresponding with its author, Lois Duncan.
As many of you are probably familiar with her books.
especially at the middle school level, I thought you
might be interested.

Because LM_NET represents a wide variety of people
from many locations, I was hoping, just MAYBE,
there is someone out there who could help
Lois Duncan solve the mystery of the murder of her
youngest daughter.

I emailed Lois and asked if she would like for me to
forward her message to the listervs to which I belong.
She was quite grateful and suggested I send you
the text from the information she mailed me this week.

Thanks for any help you can offer.  I hope you will
find time to check the Kait Arquette home page.  I
have also  included the email address for Lois
Duncan at the end of this message.

Just one other thought, with school starting soon
you might consider sharing this information with the
the teachers on your faculty.  The Lois Duncan
books are very popular, especially in the 5th to 10th
grade range.  This would provide classes with a
valuable and interesting project to pursue.

Thanks for any help you can offer.



Lois Duncan, author of numerous teenage suspense
novels and editor of the short story anthology,
SUBSTANCE (Simon and Schuster, 1996) has
turned to the Information Highway in a desperate
effort to put her own worst nightmare to rest.

Reacting to evidence that points to a police cover-up
in the murder of her youngest daughter,  Kait, Duncan
has put her creative talents to use in a unique way by
placing a detailed account of the flawed police
investigation on the Internet.

"Police can't always solve murder cases," says Duncan,
mother of Kaitlyn Arquette, 18, who was chased down in
her car and shot to death in Albuquerque, NM, on
July 16, 1989.  "The challenge is sometimes too much
for them, and families have to live with that. What they
should *not* have to live with, however, is a *deliberate
police effort to conceal or alter important evidence*!  We
believe thereUs an *official cover-up* going on with Kait's
case.  It's our hope that exposure on the Internet will keep
information about her case from becoming buried and
will give informants an easy way to communicate with us."

The address for the Kait Arquette Home Page is:

"It's a last resort," Duncan says.  "APD arbitrarily labeled
Kait's murder a random drive-by shooting and investigated
it as such, despite overwhelming evidence that she was
murdered to keep her from blowing the whistle on
organized criminal activity.  Almost all information that
points to a deliberate murder was withheld from Kait's
case file.  *We want to know why.*"

In an effort to motivate informants, Duncan wrote a non-
fiction book, WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER?, (Dell, 1992),
which was featured on such national TV shows as "Good
Morning America,"  "Larry King Live," and "Unsolved

Duncan's book generated a flood of information that
the Arquette family says the police have refused to
look at.

"The Vietnamese boyfriend that Kait was in the
process of breaking up with has admitted to involve-
ment in a well-organized, Vietnamese-run, interstate
crime ring," says Don Arquette, Duncan's husband and
Kaitlyn's father.  "A wide variety of sources have stated
that Kait was killed because of her knowledge of
narcotics trafficking, insurance fraud, and computer
chip theft.  Yet, as recently as October, 1995, a
representative of APD stated, 'This Department is not
interested in any information about the Vietnamese.'
*We want to know why!*

Lois Duncan and her husband have worked for the past
four years with private investigators in an effort to
unearth information the police have kept buried.  In the
process, they have uncovered a large amount of
information vital to the investigation which was excluded
from Kait's official case file.

"Some of this new information suggests possible links
between Kait's murder and two other controversial killings
in Albuquerque where there were charges of police
cover-ups," Duncan says.  "We're turning up information
that is sinister and scary, and we need help in putting it
all together.  We realize that this is an unorthodox use of the
Internet, but our family has run out of options.  In
desperation you use whatever weapons are at hand,.  The
worst 'night terror' any parents can have is a midnight
phone call from the emergency room saying their teenage
daughter has had her brains blown out."

Email address for Lois Duncan:

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