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First the target:  I am frustrated by the primary grades' preference for
non-fiction.  Did I do the job too well?  So many of the students won't
even look at a good story, whether it's books on the table for the Ks or
books on the shelves for the first & second graders.  When I read to them
all, I choose fiction, sometimes showing both a fiction and a non on the
same subject, but most often the student choice is for non-fiction.  And
some children tell me a parent wants them to bring home something other
than "whales," but the kid still signs out a "whale" book for the third,
fourth or fifth time.  I've had the occasional child leave bookless when
I run out of "whales."  Sometimes this fixation on a non-fiction subject
continues into second grade.  Can I get back on track?  What could I
do differently?  What are your experiences?  Comments?

Then there are the paperbacks.  I have the same feeling about them as
about the primary fiction/non-fiction struggle.  I've started integrating
the pb/hc fiction, as well as ordering most of my quality fiction in
PermaBound format.  I still have a small section of ratty paperbacks, but
it's getting smaller each year, and it's still the first place most of the
kids head for.  I figured the only way to break up the logjam in that corner
was to use the other shelf space.

My collection overall is so small I don't see us automating in my lifetime.
(And I'm going to live forever {:-))  I like having catalog access for
authors and subjects so I do it as I get time.

Sorry to ramble on when this was only supposed to be a TARGET.  Must be
the heat/humidity.

Kathy Hintz                     Hintz@vaxa.sunycgcc.edu
Librarian, Etc.
St. Patrick's Academy (K-8)
Catskill, NY                    The Land of Rip Van Winkle

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