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Hello folks...
back before my hard drive crashed, I recall being given a source
for the months and days of the year and what holidays or special
events were celebrated/recognized for that month/day. . .

If anyone has a copy of that web address, please forward it to
me . . .

Thank you very much in advance <?> (very much in advance of what?)
Thank you in advance very much <?> (probably grammatically correct,
but doesn't it sound funny?)

I think I should rest my brain before school starts - it won't get much
of a chance after school beings, don't you think? - oh, sorry, didn't
mean to make you think before summer ends!    8-)

Aloha. . .

Earl J. Moniz (emoniz@christcom.net)
Reproducing and Distribution Permission Granted
WebMinion, Plebeian, and Pedestrian
emoniz@nccu.edu : emoniz@unccptv.unctv.org

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