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Hi,  I recently purchased a paperback novel from a publisher known as
White Wolf Publishing.  Inside the back cover was a lot of information
that I found very informative.  Perhaps it will be interesting to some of
you librarians following this thread, so I will provide the information
here, in part.

"The standard in the publishing industry is to return only the covers of
unsold books to the publishing house as proof of quantities for credit.
The remainder of the stripped books are then usually destroyed.  This
reduces the mailing cost of returns, but it effectively eliminates the
responsibility of the publishing houses to use or recycle all unsold books.

In a time when the earth's natural resources are quickly dwindling, White
Wolf publishing takes responsibility for the part we play in using those
resources.  We have instituted several policies which can prevent or
alleviate damage to our environment.  The most important of these
policies is our "whole copy" return policy.  All White Wolf Publishing
titles are "non-strippable" meaning we require all unsold books to be
returned whole so that we may sell them through other sales avenues or
send the books to remainder houses or recycling facilities.  It was no
small decision to institute this policy as it limits our sales through
many larger distributors who will only buy and distribute strippable copies.

We include our policy in the back of our books because we feel it is
important that consumers be aware of industry policies.  If you are
interested in active participation, talk with your local booksellers.
Find out about their positions on the strippable vs. non-strippable
issue.  Give your opinion.  It does matter.  Eventually, necessity will
dictate a new policy.  However, we hope this industry standard changes
before necessity wins out.  Finally, we request that you not throw books
away.  When you finish a book, give it to a friend or even a complete
stranger.  After all, nothing is quite as eloquent as the gift of words.

For more information on White Wolf Publishing's environmental policies
and how you can participate, please call 404-292-1819 and ask to be
referred to the Marketing Dept."

For the record, I do not have any connection with this publisher other
than having purchased one of their novels.  I was not aware, however, of
the reason behind the way bookstores tear off covers, and I had not given
any thought to the recycling issue.  I was glad to have my consciousness
raised on this issue by White Wolf Publishing.

Wanda Cuniff, Librarian      Rusk Middle School
wcuniff@tenet.edu            411 N. Mound Street
409-569-3123                 Nacogdoches, TX.  75961

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