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I'm not sure that sliced off covers indicate that books are necessarily
stolen. For a second year now, paperback books with sliced off covers
are being offered free to schools/school libraries through a formal
corporate giving process in Seattle.  Retired Boeing workers are distributing
them.  There must be another angle to this matter.

Sue Weiss
Ballard HS Librarian
Seattle, WA
(206) 281-6010

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996, Carol Simpson wrote:

> DO NOT, under any circumstances, accept those books.  They are stolen!
> Publishers will refund the cost of unsold paperback books to bookstores
> if the bookstore will send the cover or part of it (to save on mailing
> costs) to the publisher.  The bookstore is bound to DESTROY the
> "stripped" books.  There have been no royalties paid to the author for
> any of the stripped books. As a copyright matter, libraries have the
> right to distribute (via loan) books they receive that have been legally
> acquired.  These books have not been legally acquired since they have
> never been legally purchased.
> Carol Mann Simpson                   csimpson@tenet.edu
> Facilitator - Library Technology          214 882-7450
> Mesquite (TX) Independent School District

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