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According to the following message from Ron Klitze, speaking about Peter
and me, "They are really common folk."

And here I thought we were pompous, elitist, and bigger than life. Ron,
thanks for ruining our image.



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Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1996 20:44:36 -0500
From: Ron Klitzkie <randomrk@LLWISC.WECB.ORG>
Subject: GEN>Mike and Pete at NECC

        I hope many of you stopped and talked to Mike Eisenberg and
Peter Milbury at the NECC conference in Minneapolis.  I thought I'd
never see the two together, but low and behold both were talking to me.
They are really common folk.  I was introduced to someone and I told her
Mike and Pete have one of the biggest help to library media specialists
going--the net.  Keep up the good work gentlemen!
                        Ron Klitzkie, District Library Media Specialist
                        School District of Random Lake, WI
                        414-994-9193  414-994-4820 (fax)


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