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I am a librarian in a high school of 1000 students.  We have two labs
directly off of the library, one of which will have Internet access this
year (10 computers).  In the past, students have been free to use the labs
as they wished; however, with Internet access I'm thinking I need to
supervise the labs more closely.

My questions are:  What do the rest of you do as far as students using the
computer labs?  Do you require them to get a pass from the circ desk?  Are
they directed to a particular computer?  How do you know who has signed the
AUP...do you stamp or punch their library card?  I am considering punching
their card when they turn in their signed AUP and having them lay their
library card above the computer they are using, at least in the Internet
lab.  Just not sure what
to do exactly...I hate to set policy and then go back and change it so I'd
like to do it right the first time.

Any ideas anyone can give me will be appreciated.  If there is enough
interest, I will post a HIT.  TIA.

Holly Tesar
Excelsior Springs High School
Excelsior Springs, MO
Holly Tesar, Librarian
Excelsior Springs High School
Excelsior Springs, MO  64024

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