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We formed a consortium of private schools and share periodicals via fax, it
has worked very well and I think almost all of us saved funds.  We do follow
copyright guidelines and order a periodical if we have over 6 requests for
it in a year unless we feel that this is a one time only assignment.  It has
also been good PR for all of us.  Between us all we have everything in
Readers Guide back to to 20s.

Ray Barber
Penn Charter School

At 11:06 PM 8/9/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Ap students at our school request many hard-to-find journal articles. Our
>local public library tends to be very slow with interlibrary loans so my
>question is "Do you know any good sources for prompt,inexpensive document
>delivery. We're a small private school and we don't have anyone up the
>hierarchy to pass requests to and we aren't that near any good university
>Jerry Laverty

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