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Hi!  I found an excellent book for me as a beginning LMC diretor,
"Running a School Library Media Center" by Barbara Stein & Risa Brown
from Texas.  It is published by Neal Schuman book in their How-To
series.  I called several local, but very large bookstores and found
out that they cannot order this book.  Do any of you know how to order
this book?  Where? I checked it out of the NIU library but it is so
good and helpful that I need my own copy.
   Also, brand new book by Dr. Marilyn Bazeli published by Libraries
Unlimited, "Technology Across the Curriculum."  Dr. B was one of my
instructors, taught in the real world for 27 years and has great
ideas.  These ideas can be used on any platform and would be a great
addition to your professional library.
Thanks in advance for your help!   Betty

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