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        With the start of a new year I have some ambitions to get through
the whole school with email key pals.  I'd like to start with the 4th and
5th graders so if anyone out there has 4th or 5th grade classes who might
like to exchange mail, let me know.  We have a school theme: One World,
Many People.  As part of that theme each grade is assigned a continent.
The fifth grade is studying Australia, so if I could get kids from there
for them that would be really neat.  The fourth grade has Europe, so any
children from any of those countries would be great for them.  Failing my
getting children from the continent in question any keypals would be
welcomed.  Not to make you feel like a second choice if your not from these
continents, but it's so hard for the classroom teachers to fit the school
theme in on top of their regular curriculum that I thought this would be a
nice way to get it in.

Megan McGuire
Lake View Elementary
Madison, WI

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