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About a week ago I asked for assistance on three items: 1) Kindergarten
taking books from shelves, 2) K and 1 and nonfiction, and 3) return of books
with automation (at beginning of day, or with class).  I can not believe the
number of extremely helpful responses I received.  I saved them in a file to
refer to and possibly respond to some.  I was about to print the file
yesterday, when I notice it was 136 pages!!!!!  Thank you everyone.

On the subject of when it is "best" to return books, beginning of the day
(remember this is elementary, fixed schedule) or with class.  The results
were 50/50.  Those that recommended returning books with class generally had
assistance, paid clerk, or volunteer.

Again thanks so much for the time given to assist.

Judy Seck
Willow Elementary School
1012 West Willow
Lansing, MI  48915
(517) 325-7348 (phone/fax)

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