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In answer to your question regarding faculty checkout limits, our school
"limits" the faculty by reminding them every three weeks or so about what
items are checked out in their name.  Our library is automated which
allows us to print a list of items checked out to a teacher very
quickly.  In doing so, the teacher is reminded of the items checked out
in his/her name and eliminates the problem of a teacher's forgetting that
he/she has the item out and also reminds the teacher of the NUMBER of
items he/she has out.  There is no limit of the number of items a teacher
can check out.  As far as holiday items go, it is still first come first
serve.  Fortunately, the teachers usually cooperate with each other in
this respect.  Unfortunately, however, this often creates a whole new set
of problems when faculty switch library materials. We set our computer to
limit faculty check out to three weeks and they may renew when the time
is up.  The audiovisual equipment checked out can be for the whole school
year.  I hope this helps you.

Lana Miles
St. Michael Catholic School
Houston, Texas

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