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I discovered yesterday that I have to present a seminar THIS WEDNESDAY
for a conference for area teachers at our local university.  The publicity
for my seminar
says this: "How important is your library to your school?  What would you
miss if you did not have a library?  Come find out how your library can
truly be 'the heart of the school.' For teachers and librarians."
    I need help from all of you, and I can see that it will add pizzazz
to my talk if I can tell about LM_NET and how you all are such an
incredible resource for all of us.
    Please ask yourself those questions and send me your thoughts.  If
you have a chance, ask your teachers those questions, and send me their
remarks.  My time allotment is 1.5 hours.  I need a lot of ammunition.
    I also would like any ideas you have that would involve the attendees
in the seminar--take it beyond a lecture format.  I figure I can talk for
1.5 hours, but who wants to listen?
    I am excited about what I am going to learn from 6,000 colleagues.
Donna Cook, library teacher
Raguet Elementary, Nacogdoches ISD, and Douglass ISD, and First Baptist
Nacogdoches, TX                         Douglass, TX      Nacogdoches, TX
<dsc@tenet.edu>         "The best education is caught--not taught"

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