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Dear LM_NET colleagues,
     Right after I posted my original query, I went on vacation and I apologize
for taking so long to thank the following individuals who provided very helpful
information: Margaret Scites, Nelda Brangwin, and MaryAnn Hensarling.  Thank
you so much for taking the time to respond!

Here is a summary of their responses concerning why they created web sites:

Reasons for setting one up:

--desire on the part of the librarian to do it
--desire to get more support from "technology-rich" parents (parents working for
  places like Microsoft)
--vision of this as a  great tool for kids publishing
--sees this as part of the librarian's mission to make information available...
  web pages can make the vast information available through the Internet more
  accessible both to students and to teachers.  For the latter links to teacher
  resources and current trends and policies in technology and education can be
  especially useful

Benefits of setting one up:

--hearing from more parents than ever before...especially good involvement of
--great support and appreciation from relatives near and far who access the site
  to see what grandchildren, nephews, etc. are doing as well as interested
--kids love seeing their work

--potential to work with teachers in a new way

--to summarize--it's a unique and important way to communicate with the local
  and world community

Thanks, Gretchen  eggachamberlin@worldnet.att.net

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