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Hi everyone!
        I'm moving into a new elementary library during the second semester.
The new library has an easy section on one end of the library.  My question
is:  Do I keep the easy nonfiction books with the easy fiction?  or  Should
I still intermingle them with the hard nonfiction?  Also, sometimes some
easy fiction can be put in with the harder fiction as the older children
will also use them.
        Do some of you tape your easy nonfiction to differentiate the
reading level?  Some librarians tape the chapter books to indicate the
harder (2nd grade) level fiction books located in the Easy section.
        What do you experienced librarians find to be the best system?
        Thanks for all your input.
        Also, thank you to all who responded to my question about flexible
scheduling.  It really gave me alot of insight.  If I can figure out how to
post a hit, I'll try to summarize my findings.
You guys are the greatest!!!! :)
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